• Reporting From The Los Angeles Film Festival 2012: Long Story Short: The Art and Power of Online Storytelling 06/22/12

    Our panel for "Long Story Short: The Art and Power of Online Storytelling"
    Our panel for "Long Story Short: The Art and Power of Online Storytelling"

    We've had such a busy and fun week at the Los Angeles Film Festival. On Saturday, we were honored to host a panel-  "Long Story Short: The Art and Power of Online Storytelling." The panel focused on the uncharted territory of online video and the importance of reaching the 21st century digital audience. The panel included Peter Glatzner, Co-Founder of; Amber Lawson, Chairman of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group Membership; Eddie Schmidt, director; and Thomas Zadra, Head of Business Development for Original Video, Yahoo!. 

    The group held a passionate dialogue, lending a voice to the process of creating the online film medium. Glatzner anchored the conversation: "It's a dynamic landscape out there.  It's the Wild West.  Everyone is still figuring it out and that means there is a wide array of opportunities for different artists."  As seen in the films, there is no formula, no right way to tell the story.  Only a chance to have it heard.  Eddie Schmidt agreed, "Online video must grab the audience in the first few seconds...It's better to enthrall 50,000 rabid fans than bore 5 million."  These artists are no strangers to massive audiences- Schmidt was nominated an Academy Award for his film "Twist of Faith–" though their commitment to the artisanship of creating film supersedes their more widely known accomplishments.  "The look should be driven by the content.  In ‘Good Bread’ we wanted you to feel the warmth and the glow of the people as well as the bread coming out of the oven, so we had to change the lighting temperature at the bakery to achieve that," said Schmidt.

    Each panel member had a unique point-of-view, but all agreed the audience plays an enormous role in creating these films.  "Start a relationship with your audience," Amber Lawson posed, "and interact with them."  

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