• Katy Chevigny Directs “The Honor Code,” Short Documentary on Philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah 06/07/12

    Director Katy Chevigny world premiered her three minute documentary film "The Honor Code" during our “Short Films, Big Ideas” screening at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. Her film examines the philosopher many have referred to as a “modern day Socrates," and his unique approach to altering our social perception of "honor" as a means to resolving conflict in modern societies. 

    Philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah believes we can change the way specific cultures think about what is considered honorable, citing the barbaric practice of honor killings. Appiah discusses how traditions such as dueling and the ancient Chinese custom of foot-binding faded once society's perception of these practices had shifted to disgrace and absurdity. 

    His book, "The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen," is a New York Times Bestseller. If you ‘d like to learn about Appiah’s philosophy without committing to a lengthy (although fascinating) read, we recommend checking out the film. 

    Watch Chevigny’s film at the link below and then send your thoughts to Twitter with the hashtag #HONORCODE. Viewers who submit #HONORCODE tweets will be featured on our dialogue panel, shown beneath each film. 

    Watch The Honor Code right this way...