• A Moment with Michèle Ohayon at the Premiere of Solar Roadways 05/21/12

     “Solar Roadways” director Michèle Ohayon served on the “Future is Short: Storytelling in the Digital Age” panel last week during the Tribeca Film Festival.  In addition to bestowing advice to aspiring filmmakers, she premiered her three minute documentary film during our “Short Films, Big Ideas” screening. In the film we meet Scott and Julie Brushaw, a couple currently developing roads and parking lots to serve as solar power sources.

     We had the opportunity to speak with Michèle at the premiere, and discussed the town in Idaho she features in the film. 

     “It was like the Silicon Valley of science. Every single person I met was a scientist! I swear, if you sat down at the dinner table there would be no conversation of the past, or even talk about the present. This town lives and breathes for the future.” 

     Watch the film via the below link and then send your thoughts to Twitter with the hashtag #SOLARROADWAY. 

     Viewers who submit #SOLARROADWAY tweets will be featured on our dialogue panel which is shown beneath the film. 

    Screening right this way….