• You've Gotta Have Heart—Or Do You? 02/02/12

    Can you live without one?
    Can you live without one?

    What's the most basic definition of being alive? Having a pulse? Nope, not any more. Billy Cohn and Bud Frazier, two doctors from the Texas Heart Institute, are changing that. They removed the heart of a gravely ill patient and replaced it—not with an artificial heart—but with a twin turbine of their design they call a "continuous flow device" that keeps blood moving throughout the body without pausing. The day after the operation, the patient was awake, smiling, and working on his laptop. But he had no heartbeat!

    Watch Jeremiah Zagar's fascinating 3-minute film, Heart Stop Beating

    Check back for a behind-the-scenes story on the making of Jeremiah's film and a peek into the eccentricities of Cohn and Frazier. Which one is a Shakespearean and which wears cowboy boots in the O.R.? You'll find out soon.